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Rustic yet elegant. Experience true bush veld serenity, change your frame of mind and allow that out-of-the-box, lateral thinking to be unleashed.

We offer the following Products and Services to the Corporate Market:
Executive Boardroom
Conferencing and Seminar Facilities
Team building Activities and Facilitation
Training Venue
Networking Facilitation
Product Launches
Break Away Weekends and VIP Entertainment
Brainstorming Sessions
For more details, see below. 

A full complement of modern designed, thatched conference venues are available on-site. Dual purpose venues for formal conference requirements and break-away areas are available both in and outdoors.


Our executive board room is located in the VIP Lounge, and is exclusively available to our executive clients.
Large groups can be accommodated in our Open Air Thatched Arena, making conferencing in and amongst nature a very unique experience! 
When it comes to Conferencing or seminars, we can offer various options for large and small groups. For the Executives, we have the “Big Five “Boardroom which is private, cosy and fully equipped. This also includes the VIP lounge facilities and servicing thereof.  

For bigger groups we have a unique open air Conference & Function centre which allows you to be surrounded by nature whilst brainstorming and conceptualising. 

We also have various other conference facilities which can be set up according to your requirements.


Bridging Cultures
Building Character
Creating Identities
Enhancing Leadership Potential
Auditing and empowering of teams

This fresh approach to team-building has been specially designed to get the best out of your team whilst including every team member, young and old, ensuring fun and maximum team-building and bonding.


Training and ongoing training in the corporate environment today is an absolute necessity to keep staff inspired, competent and ahead of the game. Training is very informative and can affect the mind, character and physical ability of your individuals or groups. Our Facilities are well-equipped to accommodate any requirements that you may need, to train, moderate and evaluate during your training course.



 As needs arise in the current economic climate, it is important for businesses to establish new business relationships across various industries. We have the ideal venue to organize and coordinate such events due largely to the fact that we are perfectly located between Johannesburg and Pretoria. We have various facilities that we can configure for the required theme and efficient operation of such an event. This also pertains to any religious, social or sporting groups.


 Our surrounding lends itself to any kind of product you want to introduce to a pre-defined market. From displaying the product to providing detailed information sessions about the product, we have the facilities to accommodate any product launch. What makes such a product launch unique is the seclusion, intimacy and privacy of our venue which allows you to keep your potential customer’s focus on the product thus providing you with maximum exposure and attention.

Weekend Breakaways and VIP Entertainment

Within the corporate environment, we understand the need for a Getaway in order to reflect or just relax. With these Getaways, our responsibility is to ensure that you have a comfortable, relaxed, rejuvenating and enjoyable stay at our beautiful lodge, in the African Bush. Our trained staff will pamper you from arrival to departure, and assist you with any special request you might have. We will also ensure that each and every visitor will gain a pound or two (with our African cooking).  
Please browse our menus to see the great variety of African cuisine on offer.


 All our VIP events are exclusive and that is what sets us apart from the rest. When it comes to VIP treatment, we specialise in accommodating in such a way as to experience real South African bush veld hospitality and living. Catering for VIP’s allows us to showcase from the most basic of traditional South African dishes to the finest South African cuisine.

With the current state of affairs worldwide, we have all the required security technologies in place to ensure our VIP’s well-being and safety, so that they can enjoy an experience of a lifetime in our beloved South Africa. If required, various excursions can be arranged. Taking into account that time is very precious, these excursions will also allow for leisure time to indulge the African sun and spirit.


 We provide the ideal environment for your Brainstorming session which allows you to generate creative ideas spontaneously, or for problem-solving, and especially in an intensive group discussion that does not allow time for self-reflection. We have various group activities that can complement your Brainstorming Session in order to get your people in the right frame of mind. Our facilities can be arranged according to your brainstorming requirements.

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