The Royal Gecko 



Independent Living Unit Services:


 Mandatory Services

In-house meals (Delivered & served)
House Cleaning Service – Weekly
Garden Service - Weekly



Optional Services
Laundry services – Laundry pick up and drop off. 
Shuttle Services
Daily Shuttle service to town with daily excursions available too.



Assisted Living Services:

Persons that require a little assistance. Generally the person is in her/his late 70’s, early 80’s, has been living alone and is no longer coping with the requirements of daily life. They may also be needing some assistance in either mobilizing or washing or with taking their daily medication…This person could live alone with the assistance of a carer or could move into a retirement home/old age home where care is provided.



3 Nutritious meals per day

Linen laundry service and optional personal laundry services.

Room cleaning services daily.

Social events / activities.

Daily Caring services performing every day tasks includes:

Bathing / dressing / mobility / medication etc.

Medical Assistance includes:

Daily on site medical nursing staff

24 Hours Medical Response by ER 24

Doctor on call

Onafhanklike Wooneenhede Dienste

Verpligte Dienste.
Gekookte etes (10 maaltye per inwoner per maand; afgelewer & bedien)
Huis Skoonmaak Diens - Een keer per week vir 'n halwe dag
Tuin dienste - Weekliks

Opsionele Dienste
Wasgoed dienste - Wasgoed oplaai en aflaai.
Vervoer Dienste
Daaglikse Vervoer na die dorp sowel as daaglikse uitstappies.

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